Globally, urban problems such as traffic congestion, poor public transport integration, and carbon emissions are forcing us to rethink traditional means of transport.

Mellowcabs are electric vehicles that provide first and last mile, public transport in urban areas.  This means, that we are able to ‘fill the gap’ for commuters that need micro transport within a 3 km radius.

This could be the distance between a train or bus stop to your office or home, the parking lot to a stadium, a conference centre to a hotel or a student res to the university.

Mellowcabs revenue model is based on advertising, and to a lesser extent passenger fares, which has proven to be quite lucrative.

Mellowcabs offer cutting edge technologies such as:

Regenerative braking,

Hydrogen fuel cells,

Human powered charging,

Illuminated body panels,

And on-board tablet computers

We have designed a  driver-ownership plan, meaning we are not only creating jobs, but empowering our drivers.

Mellowcabs are the only vehicles of their kind that hold a full international road worthy status.  They are manufactured in South Africa from recycled materials.


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Forbes, February 2014

7  Innovative Products From Africa You Should Know

African innovation is not yet getting the level of global recognition and support it truly deserves. The continent is brimming with a rising new generation of bold, creative-thinking innovators and entrepreneurs who are constantly inventing and developing new technologies that will simplify our daily lives and transform societies- technologies with global appeal and commercial viability in any part of the world. They deserve a closer look, and it’s time you took notice.


CNN,October 2013

Smart cabs and social games: Africa’s mobile tech startups

Mobile is a big deal in Africa. People probably get tired of hearing that, but there are around 820 million mobile subscriptionson the continent. Mobile payments are becoming the norm and tech startups are building to it.

Raine Magazine,October, 2013

South Africa’s revolutionary Mellowcabs

There is cool technology, and then there’s remarkable tech! Hailing all the way from South Africa, Mellowcabs most definitely fits into the latter category.  That’s because the company combined sustainable and eco-friendly engineering with simply ingenious mobile marketing.

Whoot Africa,  October 30, 2013

Whoot Africa’s Best Advice Series – Part 2

I reckon the best advice I’ve heard and that I can give is to build and concentrate on your strengths.

Too many people go through their lives hung up on their weaknesses, and never rising above them. I don’t believe in conforming to the norm, if you really excel in one thing, do your best to become absolutely incredible at it. It’s really important to identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

Venture Burn, September 11,2013

How will these startups help shape the future of South African transport?

“Then there’s Mellowcabs from Franschhoek, Cape Town that relies less on information technology and more on an actual alternative to transport. The other startups provide a service via information sharing, this one’s a notable exception. The company introduces an eco-friendly form of micro-transport with its pedal-electric hybrid pedicabs. The company is experimenting with interesting forms of monetization, for example offering advertising space on the actual pedicabs. It’s hoping to eventually offer its services free of charge with the exterior and interior of the vehicle being the billboard generating cash on the go”

Whoot Africa,  August 23 2013

15 Questions with the CEO – Neil du Preez of Mellowcabs

“Here on Whoot Africa, we not only showcase brands, but we also talk to the people behind those brands and have them share with us their back stories as well as give tips on how to successfully start and run a business.  Welcome to Whoot Africa’s – 15 Questions with the CEO.  Today, we will be talking with Neil du Preez , CEO of Mellowcabs South Africa…”

Venture Burn, August 21,2013

“South Africa’s taxi industry, which carries an estimated 60% of the country’s commuters, is a multi billion rand pie. It’s no surprise then that both international and local venture-funded startups, like Silicon Valley’s Uber and Cape Town’s Zapacab, are hungry for a slice.

While Zapacab and Uber are essentially using an identical blueprint to pursue the same market segment, Mellowcabs is trying something different. The Franschhoek, Cape Town-based startup is planning to offer free last mile transportation by bringing the web’s advertising model into the real world…”

FNB Ideas-Can-Help,  August 13, 2013

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“Mellowcabs’ primary product is a brand new and attractive electric vehicle, called a Mellowcab.
Mellowcabs are transport devices, but the main source of income is not carrying passengers, but selling advertising space on, and in the vehicles. Our Mellowcabs have been designed to be extremely visible, and to offer optimum advertising space on an aesthetically pleasing design. They combine bicycle pedalling with a powerful electrical motor, making it a comfortable transport experience. The rear seat of the cabin provides room for two passengers with hand luggage. To ensure full safety, all our pedicabs have SABS/NRCS certification and will soon be registered as proper road-worthy vehicles in South Africa…”

Financial Mail,  August 8,2013

“He has built eight prototypes and hopes to make money by getting corporations to advertise on them.Du Preez started the businesses because he wanted to “do something worthy”. He was inspired by small businesses in the US, which were coming up with novel products that added value to people’s lives without damaging the environment…”





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